Story – Four Years Wasted
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Tie Guys For 20 Years...

We’re brothers who grew up spending every summer on Martha’s Vineyard.

We joke about it now, but we’d wait nine months to live the Good Life for those three on the Vineyard with our friends and family. We were in bands, we started businesses, and we combined what we made to buy the best old boat we could find, so we could get out on the water, go fishing and escape.

In 1998, we were stuck behind desks in jobs we didn’t like…and, we were miserable. So, we quit. We tossed out business suits for bathing suits, got our wisdom teeth pulled while we still had coverage and signed up for every credit card we could. On the same day, within ten minutes of each other, we walked out of our jobs, grabbed a drink and started chasing the American Dream.

It’s been twenty years now—and what a ride! We’re in a big, brand new office, we’ve grown across the whole country, we have a new golf team, we’re the Official Style of the Kentucky Derby…and we sell a lot more than just ties. From technical gear to our original silks, we’ve got any and everything you’d need to get out there and live the Good Life.

Twenty years in and some things have changed, but we’re the same at our core. We’re still having a ton of fun, hanging with Real Good People and sharing the gift of the Vineyard with everyone we can.

Thank you for your support,

Shep & Ian. CEOs, brothers, & co-founders.